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Most students will start looking by November. But ideally, as soon as your ready! Once you have your group of housemates sorted, and understand all the information available to you, arrange a group of houses you wish to view, and get started! Naturally the best value and best quality houses go earliest. But do not hesitate if you are not ready as early as your peers. The student housing stock is generally larger than demand and many houses will not be let until after the new year.


Yes. You can do this on the review form when writing your review. Or you can do it more generally to your account through the profile page.

In order to leave a review students must have a valid university email address.

Landlords and lettings agents are invited to view the reviews left by students. We wish to promote this in order to allow them to better their service. Without knowing the problems, they may never solve them. You can, however, select 'anonymous', which will post your review without your name.

Every review is screened and will be posted within 24 hours.

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